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Tanya Chyzhyk – Holistic Health Practitioner in Oshawa Ontario

Holistic Nutritionist in Oshawa

Holistic Nutrition in Oshawa ON

It is well-known that natural, alive, high-quality foods clearly create healthier physical bodies.

Every disorder can be prevented, improved or healed through proper nutrition. You will enjoy better energy, endurance, strength, skin quality. You will effortlessly arrive at a healthy weight.

I have been always inspired by the field of human health and personal growth. My path has led me to the study of nutrition, holistic health, yoga and meditation, the human energy field and the art of balanced living.

Since 2004 I work with clients individually as a Holistic Health Practitioner after graduating from Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Toronto.

I see diseases of the body and mind as one entity. So in my practice of nutritional counselling I apply Thought Field Therapy (TFT) tapping techniques, based on the body’s meridian system.

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